Firearms. Knife. Empty Hands. Tactical Training

Empty Hand Training

No matter what weapons(s) you carry and are trained with, you are still most likely going to have to depend on empty hands skills for any attack. Our easy to learn curriculum derives from the explosiveness of Muay Thai Boxing with a blend of quick and efficient skills of Filipino Martial Arts. Our focus is on using practical and functional applications and movements to quickly adapt to defend against violent encounters.

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Muay Thai Boxing

Trained under Grand Master Chai Sirisute.

Knife Defense

"If someone tries to attack you with a knife, then guess what? You're in a knife fight whether you like it or not."

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Knife Defense

We repetitively drill effective and defensive techniques that get the job done. 

In a short range, most assaults are launched within "arms length" of the victim so you may not have the time to avoid the assault, let alone, have an opportunity to deploy firearms or any other weapon. Once you're engaged you'll need to defend yourself.

Priority should always be placed on escaping but you may need to fight your way out while minimizing damage, as each new cut or stab could be fatal.

In our knife training, a range of empty-hand techniques will teach you to improvise and adapt to different situations. We instruct various empty-hand options to block a knife attack while keeping your mind on counter-attack and escape options. Always remember, just because you may have been stabbed it doesn't mean your dead...keep fighting so you can escape.


Firearm Training

Safety . Handling. Manipulation.

Our firearm training is for beginners through advanced levels. We have formatted our beginners class to be slow and methodical in its instruction to insure that you understand every principle being taught. We will answer all questions or concerns before moving on to more advanced drills. Our goal is for you to walk away knowing the essential fundamentals of shooting your weapon and to teach you practice drills that will make it “second nature”. 

We have developed a three part course that will introduce shooters to new drills, cutting edge concepts, and core shooting principles.  CLICK HERE for registration information.

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Firearm Safety and Handling

We continuously participate in many firearm training courses throughout the U.S.A to bring our students the most up to date drills and information.

All classes are taught in a safe format and are closely monitored.

Our classes are interactive and will include training with multiple people using all of the following listed below.