Specialty Seminars and classes

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Active Self Protection Seminars & Classes

We include escape and avoidance strategies, offensive and defensive tactics, and simulated attacks.  We are able to bring our program to:

  • College Seminars
  • High School Seminars
  • Corporate Seminars 
  • Workplace Training
  • Women's Self Defense
  • One-on-One and Tandem Private Lessons

Police Academy and Military Prep Course

Are you entering the military or wish to become a police officer? We have a 9 session police academy course that will prepare you to excel with your law enforcement training or Military Boot Camp. 

Allow The Yard to help you with your goal in becoming a law enforcement officer or military service member by getting the proper knowledge and preparedness for the police academy or military basic training..

You will receive training sessions that emerge you in the following:

Physical training- Three intense bootcamp style training sessions with award winning personal trainer, Marty McLoughlin.

Hand to Hand Combat- Three training sessions in tactical and combative hand to hand fighting for real world application .

Firearms- Three firearm safety, manipulation, and live fire training sessions to help you with your handgun qualification test.

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Room Clearing Workshops

Geared for patrol officers, home defenders or anyone that might have to perform this dangerous task; this 6 hour workshop will start with the basics and by the end of the class you will be doing some very advanced tactical movements related to the dangerous nature of room clearings.

Topics covered: 

  • Principles of movement with one or more people
  • Low Light Tactics 
  • Movement in a Dwelling 
  • Target Indicators
  • Emergency Medical Treatment 
  • Use of handgun and Long Guns in Confined Spaces 
  • Firearms Set-Up
  • Family Emergency Planning
  • Tactical Clinch and Weapon Retention